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Frequently Asked Questions

 Please review the material from the Spring 2021 Parent Meeting
Where does my child play and what days/times are the games?
In the Playground and U5 divisions, the boys and girls sessions are held on Saturday mornings at Gallery Park.
In the U6 through U12 divisions, girls play on Saturday afternoons, and boys play on Sunday afternoons.
  • U6 & U7 divisions play at Gallery Park
  • U8, U9 & U10 divisions play at Flick Park
  • U12 division plays at Attea Middle School
In the U14 divisions, boys and girls play their games on Sundays, with game times starting anywhere from 11am to 3:30pm. The U14 teams play an inter-regional schedule where games are held at Attea Middle School and various fields around the northern Chicago metro area.
When will practices be held?
Each Coach take responsibility for establishing the practice schedule. They are volunteers, and the day and time is necessarily established to fit within their work and family schedule.
  • Teams in the U7 and older divisions will usually hold a 1-hour weekly sessions. The initial practice will typically be held soon after the announcement of rosters and the Fall coach meeting.
  • Teams in the U6 division do not have an additional weekly practice. Their game slots (Saturday afternoons for the girls, Sunday afternoons for the boys) include an initial 1/2 hour for practice, and a second 1/2 hour for the game.
  • The format of the Playground and U5 programs incorporates training and game play.  There are no additional practices apart from the Saturday morning sessions at Gallery Park.
How are teams formed?
Balanced Teams is one of AYSO's core philosophies. Each year we form new teams as evenly balanced as possible because it’s fair and more fun when teams of equal ability play. We gather player evaluations each spring to help us determine how teams are formed in the older divisions. Without a rating, we'll rely on information you provide like number of years playing organized soccer.
Can I make a team request?
Unfortunately, AYSO does not honor team or friend requests of any sort. Please do not make requests for a specific team, under a specific coach or with a specific friend.
Balanced Teams is one of the core philosophies of AYSO. Beginning with the U7 division, teams are formed with the ratings provided by coaches from the previous year.
A Coach and Asst Coach can volunteer together, and their kids will be placed on the same team, but they cannot select the other volunteers and/or players who'll be assigned to the roster.
When will I find out what team my child is on?
Approximately three weeks prior to the start of the season you'll receive an email notification from inLeague with details about your child's team placement and volunteer staff. Further details about the team roster and coach contact information will also be available through inLeague.
Does my team change from Fall to Spring? 
No. Teams formed in the Fall remain intact for the Spring. Depending on who drops from the team after the Fall, you may end up with a few new players in the Spring.
When do I find out about my U5 or Playground team?
The Playground and U5 programs do not have assigned teams. Field assignments are provided as each player arrives at Gallery Park.
Where do I find my team's game schedule?
The schedule is typically finalized 2 weeks prior to the start of the season and is publicly available on our web site or through inLeague's Game section.
What clothing & equipment will we need?
You'll need to provide shin guards, a soccer ball (sized for your child's division) and footwear. Soccer shoes are not required, especially in the youngest divisions. Always bring a water bottle. And weather-appropriate clothing, too.
Uniforms must be purchased seperately at
When does the Fall Season begin?
Important dates are published on the Glenview AYSO Master Calendar. Games typically begin in the Fall on the weekend after Labor Day and in the Spring on the weekend after Easter.
When, Where & How can I register?
See our Registration & Team Formation Overview page for this season's registration dates, along with other details about the registration process.
What if we don’t want to play in the Spring?
Fall registration is for Fall & Spring season.  There is no Fall only option.
I'm paying by check. Where should I send it?
Please mail your check to:

Glenview AYSO
PO Box 772
Glenview, IL 60025

I've registered but my child no longer wants to play. Can I get a refund?
Yes, if you cancel your registration before July 15, you will receive a 100% refund. Our Refund Policy is explained on the Fees, Scholarships & Refunds page. Notify the Registrar ([email protected]) of your intent to withdraw from the program.
Waitlisted players who don't get placed on teams will receive a 100% refund soon after the season gets underway.
I registered for the Spring season. When will I find out the details about my child's team?
Our soccer program runs throughout the year and begins in the Fall. Teams formed in late summer remain together through the Spring. Kids who register for the Spring Only are placed on a waitlist, then added to teams on a first-come, first-served basis, replacing the Fall Only players.

We make team placements and notify parents throughout the month of March. Some roster spots are immediately available. Others have to wait for placement, sometimes until the beginning of April, when we receive the final word on which players don't return after the Winter.
Refunds will be promptly issued to any Spring Only applicant not placed on a team. Send a note to [email protected] if you wish to cancel your application. Cancellations made before a team placement will be issued a full refund.
I've got further questions. Who can I talk to?
See our Contacts Page for a complete listing of who does what within Glenview AYSO.