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Glenview AYSO Region 362

Glenview AYSO Region 362

Glenview AYSO Soccer Program

What Division is My Player In?


Team Size for Game Play

Roster Size 

6U (Kindergarten)



7U (1st grade)



8U (2nd grade)



9U (3rd grade)

7v7 incl GoalKeeper


10U (4th grade)

7v7 incl GoalKeeper


12U (5th & 6th grade)

9v9 incl GoalKeeper


14U(7th & 8th grade)

11v11 incl GoalKeeper



Small-Sided Soccer

Small-sided games are extremely beneficial for young children. Anecdotal evidence and research studies show that youngsters derive greater pleasure from playing football in smaller teams and with adapted rules. As well as getting involved in the game more often, players learn more quickly and take more decisions during the course of a match. And as the ball is never far away, greater concentration is required on their part.
This all means that they gain a better understanding of the game than they would in playing on big pitches. The fact there are less players on the pitch and on each team also means that they receive more attention and have more chances to score goals, which is what children play the game for. Goalkeepers, who are not used in four-a-side football and smaller formats, are also more involved, while outfield players are exposed to more attack and defense situations, increasing their enjoyment and the pace at which they learn.

The Season

Glenview AYSO plays a fall season and a spring season, each consisting of nine weeks.  The emphasis of the program is on regular season play for enjoyment and recreation. We do not post results or standings, there is no ranking of teams and there are no all-star teams. Each player will be provided a trophy or medal that is provided by AYSO as part of your registration fees. 



Players who register assume an obligation to attend the nine games each season and also to attend at least one practice per week, the time and location of which is to be determined by the coach. Players who cannot make this commitment not only miss out on the learning of essential skills and strategies taught in the practices, but also hurt the team and lessen the enjoyment of the game for the other players. Each player should arrive at games and practices on time, and be picked up on time

Player Equipment.

6U-8U (K – 2nd grade)

Ball size 3

9U-12U (3rd - 6th grade)

Ball size 4

14U and up

Ball size 5

  • Team uniform – shirt, shorts and socks. Sweatshirts and sweatpants/tights may be worn UNDER the uniform, not over.  
  • Soccer shoes, tennis shoes, or similar type athletic shoes are recommended. The type and condition of cleated shoes must be inspected for safety before use. Baseball shoes are not acceptable.
  • Shinguards covered by socks are mandatory at both practices and games. Shinguards may NOT be worn over socks.
  • No jewelry may be worn for practices or games (this includes earrings), unless they are required religious or medical items. The official at the game will determine the safety of these items.
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