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Glenview AYSO is an all-volunteer organization.  Coaches, Refs, Team Parents, Registrars -- we're all parents of players or former players, or just people committed to carrying on the great tradition of recreational soccer in Glenview and Northbrook.  

Team-based Volunteers

Every team needs a Coach, Asst Coach, Team Parent and Referee.  If you've never thought you could be a coach or referee, consider that:
  • We provide all the training you need
  • The experience is deeply rewarding - watching the players progress from fall to spring is truly a pleasure!
  • Especially in the younger divisions, you can still be an effective coach without having played as kid or even having an intricate understanding of the game 
  • We are all part of a volunteer community and, simply put, we need your help!

Time commitment: 2-3 hrs/wk during season. A coach participates on game days, holds team practices, teaches game fundamentals to the players, and helps players develop good sportsmanship. Attends coach training, and weekly practices and games. You don't need to have played soccer or know much about it in order to coach. Particularly at the lower levels, many coaches learn the game along with their kids.
Time commitment: 2-3 hrs/wk during season. The assistant coach assists the coach at practices and games and stands in for the coach when necessary. Attends coach training and weekly practices and games.
Time commitment: 1-3 hours on game day. The referee arbitrates games, helping players understand why an infraction or penalty is called. At younger levels, referees may show the proper way to do throw-ins, corner kicks, and goal kicks, etc. Attends referee training and one annual referee meeting.
Same duties as referee. Youth referees are players or youth age 12 and up. Can use this experience to meet school community service requirements.
Time commitment: 1½ hrs/wk during season. The team parent handles any of the team's administrative responsibilities and assists the coach and assistant coach, e.g., distributing uniforms, communicating practice and game times, picking up coach plaques, coordinating the snack schedules/trophies (in the younger divisions).


Forming Teams Around Volunteers

While we don't accept requests for friends, neighbors, classmates to be on the same team....we will form teams around PARENTS who volunteer as a group.  So if you want your kids together, volunteer together.  

We will form a U6 team with 1-2  coaches and/or a team parent.
We will form a team at U7 and above around:
   - 1 coach, 1 ref and their kids
   - 2 coaches and their kids.
   - 2 coaches, 1 ref and their kids
   - 1 coach, 1 ref, 1 team parent and their kids
   - 2 coaches, 1 ref, 1 team parent and their kids
But, the catch is - EVERYONE has to take the appropriate training and be certified at the level in which they're participating.   Much of it can completed online.  (Ref and U10/12/14 training will have an additional on-field component, which will be offered multiple times prior to the fall season).  Unfortunately, if you don't get trained, we can't honor your team request

Step 1:  Update your Family Profile in inLeague - If you haven't already done so, add your own Adult Profile to the Family Profile used when registering your child on the inLeague registration system at  Provide details on the role(s) and divisions you're willing to handle in the Volunteer Information section.
Step 2: Submit Volunteer Application in eayso - Connect to and submit a new or returning volunteer application for 2015.
Step 3: Volunteer Pairing - Connect to and mark down your volunteer pairing preferences.  If there's no one in particular with whom you'd like to coach or referee, you can skip this step.

League-wide Volunteers

Help us manage the league on a regular or an as-needed basis.

Regional Commissioner
Leads the Region and its Regional Board. The role includes overseeing strategy, finances, volunteer recruitment, scheduling, policies and procedures, growth and most of all, making soccer fun for the players.

Coach Administration Team and Division Coordinators

Time Commitment:  6-8 hours/month over the summer and early fall.  Maybe an hour a week during the season 

  • Recruit coaches over the summer to ensure all teams are covered
  • Establish training sessions for each division.  Track all coaches having taken the appropriate level of training
  • Ensure that AYSO's positive coaching standards are followed by all volunteers.  Resolve conflicts if they are not. 
  • Coordinate the rating of all players to aid in balancing next year's teams 
  • Provide guidance and regular communications.  Develop new programs for Glenview volunteers to become the best coaches they can be.

Referee Administration Team
The region administrator is the  liaison to the referees, is involved in recruiting new referees, organizes the fall division meeting; works with refs on training, game schedules, and other division tasks as necessary. Attends staff training, monthly board meeting, spring coach meeting, annual section meeting.

Registration & Team Formation Team

Time Commitment:  6-8 hours/month during Spring season and late Summer
  • Publicize onsite and online registration across the community
  • Assist with the onsite registration sessions in May & June.
  • Manage the administrative paperwork of registrations, payments and age verification.
  • Follow-up with parents as necessary to ensure players are properly entered into the eAYSO system.
  • As the Coach Administration team is locking in coaches, the team formation coordinators are adding the players and forming balanced teams for all the division. 
  • Track waitlisted players and place on teams as space permits

Equipment Management & Safety Team

  • Throughout the season, assist with distributing equipment on the fields.  
  • Inspect the fields prior to game time and provide input if game cancellation are recommended
  • Ensure safety by inspecting goals for damage and repairing/replacing.
  • Between seasons, inspect and take inventory of goals, flags and equipment

Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) Team
Maintains the Safe Haven program for our region and ensures that all volunteers are properly checked and certified on child safety.
Works over the summer and early Fall.


Handles the financial activity of the Region, and its paperwork, including registration collection and recording, savings, paying bills and deposits.

Team Parent Coordinator
Act as the main contact for individual Team Parents, funneling questions/requests/issues to the appropriate people within the league

Uniform Coordinator

  • Manage order with uniform vendor
  • Coordinate delivery and distribution to teams prior to beginning of Fall season
  • Track uniform assignments as players are added to teams

Game Scheduler

For puzzle enthusiasts!  Organize 125 teams into 6 times slots on 17 fields around Glenview, while avoiding game conflicts for volunteers coaching multiple teams. 

Skills Clinics & Team Workshops Coordinator(s)

  • Establish the schedule with the UK Trainers
  • Promote the hidden gem of Glenview AYSO for player development
  • Track signups and communicate weather-related changes as necessary  


Special Event Volunteers

Volunteers assist with: 
  • Photo Day. One Saturday and Sunday in the Fall.  Help coordinate the teams on-site at Gallery Park.  Make sure information about Photo Day schedule is disseminated to coaches and parents.
  • Player/Parent Appreciation Day: One Saturday and Sunday in the Fall.  Distribute goodies and information to players and parents. .
  • Tournament Management:  Help prepare for the AreaFest games in the Fall and/or the U14 tournament weekend in the Spring. Enter and track team information and game standings on tournament days.
  • Kids Zone Coordinators:  Order signage and place on fields during game days to promote the importance of Kids Zone, program that encourages those on the sidelines to use positive language, show sportsmanship in their attitude and behavior, and create a great experience for every player.
  • July 4th Parade Coordinator:  Recruit participants, manage give-away's and coordinate AYSO's entry in Glenview's 4th of July parade.


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