Glenview AYSO Region 362

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Contact the following people for help with:

Questions about….

Person responsible

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...registration questions or issues

Registrar, David Bernstein formation questions or issues

Team Formation, David Bernstein

...child safety questions or issues

Child Protection Information, Rebecca Gerber

...player safety questions or issues (including injuries)

Safety Director, Dave Hayes

...issues not covered by others

Regional Commissioner, Lee Remen


...general volunteer questions or issues

Volunteer Coordinator, Charmaine Wilke parent questions or issues

Team Parent Coordinator, Tracy Malvar-Licudine questions, coach training questions or issues

Coach Administrator, Julian Cheng

...referee questions or issues

Referee Administrator, Paul Zieske


...VIP program questions or issues

currently recruiting for a VIP coordinator. send a note to if you're interested.

...Extra Program questions or issues

Extra Coordinator, Gina Pryor


...fields issues, including nets, storage areas, etc.

Fields and Equipment, Steve Galo

...picture day questions or issues

Picture Day Coordinator, Dave Rahia

...uniform or equipment question or issues

Purchaser, Jen Davis questions or issues

Webmaster, Peter Lee

 ...issues not covered by others
 Regional Commissioner, Lee Remen
   Assistant Regional Commissioner, Julian Cheng

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