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What do I do as the Team Parent?

The Team Parent handles many of the logistical tasks required for getting a team out to its first practices and games.


  1. Picking up uniforms and the team packet
  2. Contacting all parents at the beginning of the season
  3. Bringing new parents up to speed on Glenview AYSO and what's required of their kids
  4. Distributing uniforms and info handouts, e.g.  team photograph forms
  5. Coordinating Net Duty (for the younger divisions)
  6. Coordinating snack schedule or trophies (at the discretion of each team) 

Interested in Volunteering?

Your inLeague adult profile lists a number of volunteer roles that are available to you.  Check the Team Parent box and we'll get you assigned to your child's team.  Don't have an Adult Profile on inLeague, because maybe your spouse registered your child?  Not a problem.  Create your own User ID at and we'll get it linked to your child.



1. Picking up uniforms and the team packet
At the beginning of August, the teams are finalized, uniforms and equipment are delivered and sorted in time for Packet Pickup Night.  The Team Parent attends this event and collects everything for their team.  The next step is to connect with your team coaches.  Provide them with the team information and discuss key information, like where/when the first practice will be held. 

2. Contacting all parents

CALL YOUR PLAYERS AND PARENTS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  The league does not contact parents directly and notify them of their child's team placement.  So they will be waiting for your call.  Either the Coach or the Team Parent can call and inform parents of the coach's contact information and the upcoming schedule.  Be sure and identify any kids on the roster who've elected NOT to play.  Send an email ASAP to so they can work on getting a replacement player for your team.

3. Bringing new parents up to speed on Glenview AYSO, e.g
  • Shin Guards: Shin guards are mandatory for all players at all games and practices
  • Wearing of any jewelry, including earrings (even if newly pierced) is strictly prohibited. Also applies to hard hair ornaments and watches. Please remind the players and their parents of this rule at the first practice
  • Team Composition: If you are asked about this, remind parents that many factors, including geography, team balancing, volunteer staff and receipt of registration, are carefully considered prior to assigning teams
4. Distributing uniforms
Bring the uniforms and flyer handouts to the first practice and distribute to all kids.

5. Coordinating Nets: 
  • Nets:  Your online schedule indicates which fields your team will be playing on this season. Each week that your team is scheduled for the FIRST game on a field, your team is responsible for putting up one of the goals. Please assign two families to show up 1/2 hour early to help with this task. In addition, each week that your team is scheduled for the LAST game on a field, the team is responsible for taking down one goal. Please do not assign coaches to net duty! 

6. Snack schedule and trophies
  • Trophies: This is at the discretion of each team, but typically the team parent will coordinate getting trophies at the end of the year. They usually run about $7 each. You could poll the parents and, those who wish to participate can pay the fee to you
  • Refreshments:  Bringing a snack for all kids to the games is optional.  If you do, water or juice is recommended. Please remember to offer the coaches and referees cold drinks as well. Snacks, please try to keep them healthy, and please ask your parents if their children have any food allergies.

More Questions?

View a recent Letter to Team Parents for a further explanation of the role
The Glenview AYSO Team Parent Coordinator is the  main contact for all Team Parents.  Send an email to

Volunteer Requirements

You will need to sign up as a volunteer at or if you already signed up there is a forgot email/password at or email or call eAYSO Support at the AYSO National Support & Training Center toll-free at 866-588-2976

You will need your AYSO ID number and go to a

Safe Haven Training Course

Course MT02 - AYSO's Safe Haven (60-70 minute course)
Course MT02 - De AYSO Refugio Seguro (60-70 minuto courso)



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