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What’s required to become an AYSO coach?

If you’re willing to contribute your time and effort to ensuring that kids have a fun experience in a fair and safe program, then you possess the necessary prerequisites to become an AYSO coach. Regardless of whether or not you know a lot about soccer, AYSO will provide the training and tools to help you become a good coach. We’ve had plenty of moms and dads that started out knowing little about soccer that have gone on to become terrific coaches!

Certain training is required of ALL Coaches and Assistant Coaches, no matter what their previous experience. This includes:
     • Volunteers in all divisions take the Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness courses
     • Kindergarten team volunteers take the U-6 course
     • 1st and 2nd grade team volunteers take the U-8 course
     • 3rd and 4th grade team volunteers take the U-10 course
     • 5th and 6th grade team volunteers take the U-12 course
     • 7th and 8th grade team volunteers take the Intermediate (U-14) course

Division Courses  Format  Approx Time for
Coach course
 U6  Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness AND U6 Coach course  Online
45 minutes (online)

2 hrs (in-person, classroom and on field))
 U7, U8  Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness AND U8 Couch course Online
45 minutes (online)

2.5 hrs (in-person)
 U9, U10  Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness AND U10 Coach course Combination online/in-person
in-person for all
45 minutes (online) plus 1.5 hrs (on field)

3.5 hrs (in-person, classroom and on field)
 U12  Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness AND U12 Coach course  In-person (only)  5.5 hrs
 U14  Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness AND Intermediate Coach course  In-person (only)  2 days (5.5 hrs each)

Check your training status each year.  Certifications don't expire.  You are not required to re-take a course you've previously completed, but you must be certified in the divisions in which you're currently coaching.  Taking the U10 course is still necessary for coaching U9 or U10, even if you took the U8 course when coaching last year in the U8 division.  Feel free to repeat any course whenever you'd like a refresher.

Where is the training?   Coach training sessions are held in July and August in Glenview and nearby locations like Deerfield, Skokie and Chicago.  Courses are also offered in March at the Area “Road Show”. Check for courses and sign up on  Check under My Profile\Course Signup

Safe Haven, U-6, and U-8 courses can be taken on-line instead of attending in-person. A portion of the U-10 course can be taken on-line with a follow-up field-only session.  Submit your volunteer registration first at  You'll be issued an AYSO Volunteer ID, which you'll use when logging in to to take the online training courses.

Be a Referee, too.  Depending upon your child's division, you've surely noticed that there aren’t enough referees.   Please drum up drum up interest with your parents to volunteer. Having trained and certified referees is an important side of the AYSO triangle: coaches, referees, parents each being one side of the triangle, with the kids in the middle.


Check out AYSO information for coaches (news, tips, resources, FAQ, etc.):
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LETTER TO COACHES - 2014-2015 Season

Thank you,
Paul Zieske
Glenview Region 362 Coach Trainer

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