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Referee Training & Certification Overview

Why should become an AYSO Referee? We need you. Certified referees are required for all games played in the U7 and older divisions.  Your child's team can't play if they don't have a referees. More importantly, it's rewarding and working with kids is great fun! 
You don't need prior experience or knowledge of soccer. Our training program will give you the tools you need to referee a Safe, Fair and Fun game

Ref Certification for U7 & U8

In order to become a ref U7 or U8 games, you must attend (and pass) the U8 Official Course or Basic Referee course.  The U-8 Official Course in an approximate 3.5 hour long in-person training session.
NOTE: The U-8 Official Course is rarely offered in the Chicago-land area. Most regions only offer the Basic Refereed Course (see below).

Ref Training for U9, U10 & U12

For U9 or higher levels, you will need to start with the Basic Referee Course (also referred to as Regional Referee Course).  The course covers the FIFA laws of soccer and  is designed to provide you with the information and tools so that you can start refereeing with confidence.   Your options include:
  • Attend the approximate 6.5 hour in-person Basic Referee Course, which includes both classroom and practical, on-the-field training.
  • Complete a portion of the training online by taking the Basic Referee Course at and then attend the on-the-field 3 hour Basic Referee Companion course
  • If you've already completed the U8 Official Course, you can take the transitional U-8 to Basic Referee Course

How do I Start?

1. Submit your volunteer application at .

2: Register for the referee training class(es) you plan to attend

Search for courses at  The simplest method may be to select Illinois in the State drop-down box, then click Search.  The site will display a list of upcoming courses being taught, mostly, in Chicago and the northern suburbs.
U7 - U8: You need to take the U8 Official Course or the Basic Referee Course (also referred to as Regional Referee Course).
U9 - U12:  Register for the Basic Referee Course or Regional Referee Course.
U12 and above: After you've taken the Basic Referee Course, you are encouraged to take the Intermediate Referee Course.

3. Take the online portion of ref training 
Take the online portion of the Basic Referee training.  Details for connecting to AYSO's  online training can be found on our Web-based training page.
Alternatively, if it's offered, you can take the combined classroom and on-field course on the same day.

4. Complete the online Safe Haven class

Details for connecting to AYSO's  online training can be found on our Web-based training page.

5. Attend your on-field class.
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