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Glenview AYSO Region 362

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Contact Us

General Inquiries can be sent to [email protected], or leave us a voicemail at (847) 497-0362. Messages will be returned within 48 hours.

Questions about…. Person responsible Contact address
Registration John Wirtz, Outgoing Registrar
Saima Gowani, Incoming Registrar
[email protected]
Child Protection Patti Addesso[email protected]
Injuries and Player SafetyKathy Sukenik, Safety Director [email protected]

Interest in being a volunteer Beth DeBaker, Regional Commissioner[email protected]
Coaching Adam Amora, Coach Administrator         [email protected]


Chris Finn, Referee Administrator [email protected]

Additional Programs
Playground program   [email protected]
EXTRA program Chris Wetterman, Girls Coordinator
John Lawler, Boys Coordinator (2023-24)
John Brogan, Boys Coordinator (2024-25)
[email protected]
Elite Strikers Football Club David Barlow [email protected]

NewsletterErin Bretts, Writer/Editor[email protected] 
Fields, including conditions, nets,
goals, storage
David Barlow,
Fields and Equipment Coordinator
[email protected]
Uniform or team equipment Kathy Sukenik, Purchasing Coordinator

[email protected]

Technical Support Webmaster [email protected]

Division Coordinators
G6 Coordinator  [email protected] 
B6 Coordinator      [email protected]
G8 Coordinator
  [email protected] 
B8 Coordinator [email protected]
G10 Coordinator
 [email protected] 
B10 Coordinator [email protected]
G12 Coordinator [email protected] 
B12 Coordinator
 [email protected]
G14 Coordinator [email protected]  
G14 Coordinator [email protected]