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What do I do as the Team Parent?

What do I do as the Team Parent?

The AYSO Team Parent is a pivotal part of every team. They are the coach’s assistant, cheerleader, and traffic director all in one. These are things you will already be doing if your child is on the team, so take it one more step and help the entire team operate more smoothly!
The Team Parent handles many of the logistical tasks required for getting a team out to its first practices and games. Responsibilities may include contacting all parents at the beginning of the season, bringing new parents up to speed on Glenview AYSO and what's required of their kids, picking up and distributing uniforms, coordinating equipment duty, coordinating snack schedule or trophies (at the discretion of each team)

Interested in Volunteering?

Your inLeague adult profile lists a number of volunteer roles that are available to you. Check the Team Parent/Team Administrator box and we'll get you assigned to your child's team. Don't have your own Adult Profile on inLeague? Maybe your spouse registered your child? Not a problem. Create your own User ID at and we'll get it linked to your child


  1. Coaches typically picks up the TeamPak that contains uniforms and team equipment prior to their Coach Meeting in August. The Team Parent should confirm with your coaches to ensure one of the team's volunteers (coach or team parent) picks it up.
  2. Coordinate with your coaches to call or email your players and parents as soon as possible after rosters are released. The league sends a Team Assignment Notifications to each parent with the player's team details, roster links and the names and contact information for their coaches and team parent. It's essential to get confirmation from each parent that their child is ready for the season. If informed that a child will not be playing, please notify the Registrar [email protected] ASAP, identifying the player's name and the parent with whom you've spoken. The Team Formation crew will work on getting a replacement player for your team.
  3. Bring new parents up to speed on Glenview AYSO
    • Shin Guards: Shin guards are mandatory for all players at all games and practices
    • The wearing of any jewelry, including earrings (even if newly pierced) is strictly prohibited. Also applies to hard hair ornaments, watches, friendship bracelets, Tyvek wrist strips from the pool. Please remind the players and their parents of this rule at the first practice
    • Team Composition: If asked, explain to parents that many factors, including team balancing, volunteer staff and receipt of registration, are carefully considered prior to assigning teams
  4. Distribute uniforms. Help the coaches distribute uniforms at the first practice and ensure the extras are stored in a reliable location.
  5. Coordinate Net Duty. Our online schedule indicates which fields your team will be playing on this season.
    • When scheduled for the FIRST game on a field, your team is responsible for putting up one of the goals. Assign a family to show up 1/2 hour early to help with this task.
    • When scheduled for LAST game on a field, the team is responsible for taking down one goal.
    • Please avoid assigning coaches to net duty
  6. Trophies: This is at the discretion of each team, but typically the team parent will coordinate getting trophies at the end of the year. They usually run about $7 each. You could poll the parents and, those who wish to participate can pay the fee to you.
  7. Refreshments: A Snack schedule is OPTIONAL for each team. It’s more common in the younger divisions, and not so prevalent for the older kids. Ask parents about any food allergies for their children. Try and keep snacks healthy. Water or juice is recommended. It's always nice to offer the coaches and referees cold drinks as well

More Questions?

The Glenview AYSO Team Parent Coordinator can help. Send an email to [email protected]