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Coach Training & Certification Overview

Coach Training & Certification Overview

We are a purely volunteer organization and we need your help to keep it running. Your child's team needs a Coach and an Assistant or Co-coach. Please continue our great tradition and step up for a very rewarding experience.
If you’re willing to contribute your time and effort to ensuring that kids have a fun experience in a fair and safe program, then you possess the necessary prerequisites to become an AYSO coach. Regardless of whether or not you know a lot about soccer, AYSO will provide the training and tools to help you become a good coach. We’ve had plenty of moms and dads that started out knowing little about soccer that have gone on to become terrific coaches!

AYSO Road Show Training

Certifications Required for ALL Divisions

Certifications Required for ALL Divisions

I. inLeague Volunteer Profile
  • If not already in place, create your own User Account on inLeague (separate from the one your spouse may've created with their own name & email when registering your kids). inLeague is used to submit volunteer applications, track certifications and assign volunteers to team and matches.
  • Under Volunteer Preferences (also presented as Parent/Volunteer Registration), check the Volunteer Prefs box(es) for Referee, Head Coach and/or Asst Coach.  
  • As explained in the Managing Your Volunteer Profile & Application page, submit your volunteer application (formerly done at

II. Once a League manager assigns you to a role, complete a background check through Verified Volunteers

III. Complete the AYSO Safe Haven & CDC Concussion courses at AYSOU.ORG. (This is a one-time requirement. Year-to-year re-certification is not required.)

Certification Reporting

Unsure about which classes you've taken?

Your home page on inLeague now lists all of your AYSO certs within the My Volunteer Certifications section.

Be sure and click to synchronize any recently completed courses.

Division-Specific Coach Training

Division-Specific Coach Training

  • You must be certified in the divisions in which you're coaching. That means taking the U10 course if coaching a U9 or U10, even if you've previously completed the U8 and U12 courses.
  • Certifications do not expire. Feel free to repeat any course whenever you'd like a refresher, but there is no requirement to re-take a course you've previously completed.


The 6U Coach course, with 2 options to complete:
  • A self-study online course, which can be completed within an hour
  • An instructor-led -person course with classroom and on-the-field instruction. Class time is typically 2 hours (and is highly recommended).


The 8U Coach course, with 2 options to complete:
  • A self-study online course, which can be completed within an hour
  • An instructor-led -person course with classroom and on-the-field instruction. Class time is typically 2.5 hours (and is highly recommended).


The U10 Coach course is offered in 2 formats:
  1. The 1/2 day 10U Coach course includes both classroom and practical, on-the-field training. A certification test is given at the end of class.
  2. The combination of the 10U Online Course AND an on-the-field 10U Field Session Only. The online portion is self-study and takes less than an hour to complete, while the Field Session is a 1.5 hour walk-through conducted at a local indoor or outdoor facility.


The 12U Coach course is less than a full day in duration that's spent in the classroom and on-the-field instruction. It also requires completion of the brief 12U PreCourse online module beforehand.


The Intermediate Coach or 14U Intermediate is less than a full day in duration that's spent in the classroom and on the field where each candidate will conduct their training session. Requirements to be completed prior to class include:
  • Prior attainment of the 12U Coach Certification.
  • Completion of the online 14U - Intermediate PreCourse Part 1 and Part 2 modules.
  • Creation of a Field Presentation/Training Plan, emailed to the instructor.
  • Completion of the AYSO Summary of the Laws of the Game<\u> online course.

Navigating your way through AYSOU.ORG

Navigating your way through AYSOU.ORG

It's not you, it's the site.
After submitting your volunteer application (see Volunteer Profile & Application), connect to AYSOU.ORG using your inLeague credentials.


  • Ignore any instructions you may encounter about registering with Blue Sombrero. That system is not in use at Glenview.
  • When first submitting your volunteer application, inLeague synchronized your password with AYSOU & AYSO's Single-Sign-On. As of June 2019, it only does this once a year. Changing your password on AYSOU will not get updated back to inLeague

AYSO U's Sections

  • My Courses: organized for browsing specific online or instructor-led courses. Start here to find a course and see upcoming dates and locations where it will be offered
  • Live Courses: listing instructor-led courses by their start date. (Most people find it organized with a particularly unhelpful structure.)
  • Transcripts: reflecting the courses you’ve taken through AYSO U. You'll need to follow the Click here to view your Transcripts History link to display your training/certifications from previous years. (You can also view this list in the My Volunteer Certifications section on your home page in inLeague.)

Instructor-Led Courses

Instructor-Led Courses

Regions throughout our area, the Midwest and the United States conduct training sessions. Feel free to attend any class that meets your schedule and drive-time.
Instructors schedule their own course directly into AYSO U, and there is no "Notify Me When..." feature, so you'll need to regularly review the site for the latest class schedules. We'll do our best to identify courses in the local area and list them here.