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Your Volunteer Profile & Application

A big THANK YOU for your participation in Glenview AYSO. We are a purely volunteer organization and we need your help to keep it running. Please continue our great tradition and step up for a very rewarding experience.

New for 2019 -- eAYSO has been retired. Submit your Volunteer Application through inLeague & complete your background check directly with Verified Volunteers. The entire Volunteering process is now simpler than ever and can be completed in 3 easy steps:
  1. Update your Family Profile & complete your Volunteer Preferences and submit your AYSO Volunteer Application -- all within inLeague.
  2. Submit your Background Check Application through Sterling Volunteers.(which was formerly known as Verified Volunteers. It's currently going through a rebranding, so it's sometimes referred to as VV or Sterling).
  3. Complete Volunteer Training or sign up for a class on AYSO U.

Step 1: Complete your Application on inLeague

Update your User Account
If you haven't already done so, add your own Adult Profile to the Family Profile used when registering your child on our inLeague registration system.

Register yourself for the upcoming season. (It's required for all adults, whether they're volunteering or not.)

New in 2019: All adult profiles must contain their date of birth.
Indicate your Volunteer Preferences
Under My Volunteer Preferences, provide details on the role(s) and divisions you're willing to handle.

If you want your kid and their bestie together, volunteer together. Two coaches or one coach and a referee may partner up and we'll form a team around their kids. Indicate your partner names in the Coach Comments field.
Submit your Volunteer Application
After updating your volunteer preferences and selecting a position that requires a background check, the AYSO National Volunteer Registration form will
  1. Confirm your information so AYSO can match up your previous volunteer record. (If one exists, this is a 1-time only process.). NOTE: At no time is your SSN is made available to Glenview AYSO or stored unencyrpted by inLeague. Information is transmitted via a secure channel to AYSO National's system so that your inLeague record can be automatically connected with your previous AYSO volunteer record.
  2. Ask you to confirm information, disclose any previous criminal convictions and accept the release disclaimer and assumption of risk by checking the box.
  3. Ask you (again) to accept the release disclaimer and assumption of risk -- this time by typing in your name as an electronic signature.
  4. Summarize the details of your application and AYSO's data privacy policy for you to confirm, prior to submission.
NOTE: Completing Step 1 now enables you up to enroll and complete coursework through as described in Step 3.
Log in with your inLeague user account and password.

Step 2: Complete your Application directly in Sterling Volunteers

Once you're locked in as a team volunteer, you'll receive an email with a unique link to complete the application process. You'll create your own Sterling Volunteer user account on their site, then submit the information required to conduct a Level 2 background check.
A few notes on the background check
  • Some volunteers will start the background check soon after completing their application, while other may wait until later in the Summer to receive their Verified Volunteers notification, after we've begun team formation and assigning volunteers to teams. 
  • The Verified Volunteers email will reflect the sender as American Youth Soccer Organization ([email protected]).
  • Although the email message asks that you complete the application within 72 hours, the link does not actually expire. You can complete the application many days later.
  • If your message somehow gets lost in your Inbox, send an email to [email protected] or call 855-326-1860 option 3, and request the link be resent.
  • The application will reflect that Glenview AYSO is coverering the fees.
  • The check is typically completed within 3 business days.
  • All information provided to Sterling Volunteers is confidential. Neither AYSO nor inLeague will have access to the details you provide or the specific findings of the background check.
  • If a Volunteer cannot locate the original email sent by Sterling Volunteers, connect into inLeague and request a new one. From the Home page or the Players section, select “Player and Volunteer Registration”.  Under MY2019 AYSO Membership, the button will prompt a new email with the link to be set.

Step 3: Training on AYSO U

See the Coach Training or Referee Training Overview pages for details on training through AYSO U.
Log in with your inLeague user account and password.


Q: My Middle Name is missing from Sterling Volunteers. Will this interfere with my background check?
A: No. It is important that your first and last names are correct, and that your middle name is not attached to either your first name or your last name field. You may supply a middle name from your user account page, but it is not required.
Q: My date of birth, first name, last name, or last four digits of my SSN are incorrect. Who should I contact?
A: Send an email to [email protected] and request that information be corrected. This will "reset" your volunteer record, restart the AYSO Volunteer Membership process and permit you to re-enter your DOB and SSN. (OnIy you can cannot enter this information in the system.)
Q: Why do all users have to enter their date of birth into inLeague, even if they are not volunteering?
A: The distinction within AYSO between youth volunteers and regular volunteers requires inLeague to know whether a user is over 18 before presenting any volunteer options. Youth volunteers go through a different volunteer registration process; it is identical (on the inLeague side) to the regular volunteer membership process, but it skips the Sterling Volunteers background check. Youth Volunteers do NOT undergo a full background check.
Q: How do I get the link to Sterling Volunteers re-sent if I have lost the original link?
A: On your Family Profile page ('Player and Volunteer Registration'), under 'AYSO Membership' where it shows the status of your volunteer application, you can click the button in the row for your name if the Sterling Volunteers link has already been sent but not yet processed, and it will re-send the same link. If a Volunteer cannot locate the original email sent by Sterling Volunteers, connect into inLeague and request a new one. From the Home page or the Players section, select “Player and Volunteer Registration”.  Under MY2019 AYSO Membership, the button will prompt a new email with the link to be set.
Q: How long is the link good for?
A: Indefinitely.
Q: Why is inLeague prompting me to enter a password for a family member that has not logged in for many years?
A: AYSO requires a valid, encrypted password from all volunteers to support their single-sign-on system with AYSOU and other National systems. inLeague last updated its password encryption scheme in 2013-14; any user created before then who has not logged in since then does not have a valid password. inLeague will prompt a family member to enter a new password for these user accounts.
Q: Who should I contact if I have a problem with inLeague or Sterling Volunteers that isn't listed here?
A: Send an email to [email protected]. If necessary, they'll escalate the issue inLeague support or the AYSO national office.
Q: Why does Sterling Volunteers tell me to contact Blue Sombrero for support?
A: The AYSO Volunteer Membership Program is new for Membership Year 2019 and represents an unprecedented integration between four organizations: AYSO, Sterling Volunteers, Blue Sombrero, and inLeague. Conducting a Level 2 background check for thousands of volunteers and the associated bookkeeping and automation has been a tremendous effort on the part of development and management teams in all four groups. The process and messaging are evolving and we expect that inLeague regions will be directed to this page (rather than Blue Sombrero) before long.
Q: How do I reset my AYSOU password?
A: If a Volunteer cannot locate the original email sent by Sterling Volunteers, connect into inLeague and request a new one. From the Home page or the Players section, select “Player and Volunteer Registration”.  Under MY2019 AYSO Membership, the button will prompt a new email with the link to be set.
Q: How can I check the status of my Volunteer Application?
A: Everyone’s personal profile has MY2019 AYSO Membership section. Status can be:
  • Complete & AYSOU LOGIN button. They’re fully registered as a volunteer. The button will re-sync their inLeague credentials with AYSOU.
  • Pending (Emailed) & CLICK TO RESUBMIT. They still need to complete the background check. The button will prompt Sterling Volunteers to resend the link to their system.
  • BACKGOUND CHECK. They’ve submitted their Volunteer Application, but haven’t requested the Sterling Volunteers invitation yet. The button will put their request into the Volunteer Approval Queue. It’ll stay there until approved by John, Paul, Dan or Adam, then Sterling will send them a link to complete their background check.
  • Incomplete & CLICK TO RESUME. They’ve not submitted their Volunteer Application. The button will start the initial process.
  • Not Required. They’ve not volunteered for any roles.
  • "blank". They’ve not updated their status for the current year.