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Changing Games on the Schedule

For schedule changes in ANY division, the coach or team parent should send a message with details to the [email protected] alias, whether it be….
  • A core U10 game discussed with another Glenview coach
  • An IR U14 game discussed with a Skokie coach
  • An EXTRA U12 game discussed with an Evanston coach (especially important for EXTRA games played in Glenview in the waning Fall daylight)

The alias includes the league schedulers and referee administrator. The email will trigger:
  • an update to the public schedule
  • notification of assigned referees not associated with the team
  • any special field preparation


  1. Locate an available field at the time slot(s) you'd prefer, using the Game Schedules or Master Schedule by Field views at NOTE: The listings are publicly available. An inLeague login is NOT required.
  2. Contact the Other Team’s Coach and get agreement on the change, then communicate the details to your team.
  3. Notify [email protected] with details on the team names, time and field location. NOTE: Schedulers will NOT handle negotiations between teams about when or where to play.
  4. A Scheduler will change the Match details on the schedule, and update the notes section of any other affected Matches (e.g. comments about equipment setup and put-away). They’ll respond to the request when completed.
  5. The Ref Admin will review who's volunteered as referees and will notify those who do not have kids on the team.
  6. If the request involves a change to the weekend's setup procedures, the Scheduler will notify the Fields & Equipment team ([email protected]) to ensure equipment is ready before game time. EXAMPLES: a 3rd field at Flick being used on a Saturday, a morning game being played at Gallery on Sunday).