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Player Ratings = Balanced Teams

Balanced Teams is a core principal of AYSO and a critical factor in every child's enjoyment of the game. Without a separate scouting organization, your input is our ONLY way of creating balanced teams and avoiding blow-out games in the upcoming season.
Beginning with the Spring 2018 season, coaches will use a standardized Rating Scale to assess all players U6 and older in the categories of technical skills, tactical aspects of the game, physical ability and attitude.  Ratings and comments are confidential and not shared with parents.  Your input is essential and will be used solely for next year's team formation. 

How Do I Rate My Players?

Rating Scale

5 - an Excellent player who significantly affects the game
4 - a Very Skilled player
3 - a Good player who often contributes to the team's success
2 - a Developing player
1 - a Newcomer just beginning to learn the concepts of the sport


Technical Soccer Skills: Score the players’ abilities in dribbling, passing and receiving the soccer ball, tackling and shooting.
Tactical/Decision Making: Assess their decision making, speed of play, field vision, 1v1 attacking or defending, and positioning.
Physical Ability: Rate their speed, agility, quickness, strength, power, balance and endurance.
Attitude/Teamwork: Score the player in terms of sportsmanship, coachability, maturity and leadership.

Final Assessment

Overall Rating should be a composite of the player, where most would receive a score of 2, 3 or 4. Compare your player against others you've seen in the division before entering a 1 or 5, as those ratings are typically rare.

Comments: Include any details you feel are important and will help to promote balanced teams for next year. Examples:
  • Considered a top player in the division
  • Rarely attended games. Focused on other sports.
  • Just learning soccer but terrific effort and will continue to improve
  • Lack of focus. Unresponsive during practice and games

Where Do I Enter Ratings?

Connect to the InLeague's rating page to complete your player ratings. All ratings should be complete by the Monday prior to the last game of the Spring Season.

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