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Join Us!

Glenview AYSO Board Volunteers & League Managers

Help us manage the league on a regular or as-needed basis. Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Time commitment will vary by position. Send a note to [email protected] if interested in any of these positions.

Regional Commissioner
Leads the Region and its Regional Board. The role includes overseeing strategy, finances, volunteer recruitment, scheduling, policies and procedures, growth and most of all, making soccer fun for the players.
Division Coordinator
Combining the roles of coach administration and team formation, but spreading out the work by division.
Time Commitment: 6-8 hours/month over the summer and early fall. Maybe up to an hour a week during the season,
  • Recruit coaches over the summer to ensure all teams in their division are covered
  • Communicate available training sessions. Track all coaches having taken the appropriate level of training
  • Add players to to form balanced teams in their division.
  • Track waitlisted players and place on teams as space permits
  • Ensure that AYSO's positive coaching standards are followed by the volunteers in their division. Resolve conflicts if they are not
  • Provide guidance and regular communications.
  • Coordinate the rating of all players to aid in balancing next year's teams
Referee Administration Team
The region administrators are the liaison to the referees, help recruit new referees, organize the fall volunteer meeting, work with refs on training, game schedules, and other division tasks as necessary. The referee administrator attends staff training, monthly board meeting, spring coach meeting, annual section meeting.
Glenview's coordinator for all coach and referee training. Assists at the annual Area Road Show for training of coaches and referees in the Area. Manages coach and referee training in the summer in preparation for the Fall Season.
Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) Team- NOW RECRUITING FOR IMMEDIATE NEED
Maintains the Safe Haven program for our region and ensures that all volunteers are properly checked and certified on child safety. Works over the summer and early Fall to conduct reference checks.
Game Scheduler
Time Commitment: 8 hours prior to Fall season, 4 hours prior to Spring season. Up to a 1/2 hr/week during the season. Prior to the Fall season, use the inLeague's software tool to systematically organize each division's teams into a round-robin schedule, then fine-tune to avoid game conflicts for coaches managing multiple teams. Repeat prior to the Spring season. Throughout the year, update the master schedule after teams request date/time changes.
Marketing & Communications Team
Leads player and volunteer recruitment for Glenview AYSO through social media, print and signage. Majority of marketing efforts done between January & July. Manages weekly communication newsletter and social media. Collaborates with all board members on topics for weekly communications. Responsible for emergency communications throughout the season for rain outs and field availability.
Equipment Management & Safety Team- NOW RECRUITING FOR FALL SEASON
  • Throughout the season, assist with distributing equipment on the fields.
  • Inspect the fields prior to game time and provide input if game cancellation are recommended
  • Ensure safety by inspecting goals for damage and repairing/replacing.
  • Between seasons, inspect and take inventory of goals, flags and equipment
EXTRA Coordinator
Coordinates Glenview AYSO EXTRA program for U10 & U12 age divisions. Responsibilities includes management of tryouts, player registration, coach administration and coordination with the Area 6D teams. Required to attend the Area-wide EXTRA Meetings.
  • Prepares the league's uniform order in mid-summer
  • Coordinate delivery and distribution to teams prior to the Fall season
  • Track our inventory of spare uniform and assign to new players as they're added to teams for the Spring
  • Plan the travel program's uniform and gear order at the end of the Spring season.
Handles the financial activity of the Region, and its paperwork, including registration collection and recording, savings, paying bills and deposits.
Registration Team
Time Commitment: 6-8 hours/month in late Summer and prior to Spring season.
Assist with the onsite registration sessions in May & June. Answer questions and help parents with the online registration and payment process.
Team Parent Coordinator
Act as the main contact for individual Team Parents, funneling questions/requests/issues to the appropriate people within the league.
Webmaster & Tech Support Team- NOW RECRUITING FOR FALL SEASON
Team would include:
  • Individual to update the web site with announcements and program changes. Having previous knowledge or the willingness to learn some basic HTML formatting (bolding a word, creating a list with bullet points) would be helpful.
  • Individuals to make configuration changes to inLeague, run reports and help parents and volunteers navigate inLeague. Prior experience administering an application for a group or organization would be helpful.
Special Event Volunteers
Volunteers assist with:
  • Photo Day: One Saturday and Sunday in the Fall. Help coordinate the teams on-site at Gallery & Flick Parks. Communicate the Photo Day schedule to coaches and parents.
  • Player/Parent Appreciation Day: One Friday in the Spring. Distribute goodies and information to players and parents.
  • Kids Zone Coordinators: Manage the placement of game-day signage to promote the importance of the Kids Zone program, encouraging those on the sidelines to use positive language, show sportsmanship in their attitude and behavior, and create a great experience for every player.
  • July 4th Parade Coordinator: Recruit participants, manage give-away's and coordinate AYSO's entry in Glenview's 4th of July parade.
  • Glenview Summerfest: Recruit participants, manage give-away's and coordinate AYSO's entry in Glenview's Summer Fest

Send a note to [email protected] if interested or want to discuss further about any of these positions.