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Glenview AYSO Region 362

Fields Overview

Below you'll find important details on our fields, including game setup instructions, rules for usage and the addresses of our local Glenview AYSO fields and those visited by U14 teams playing their interregional games.


Who Plays Where?

The Playground, U5, U6 and U7 divisions (Pre-K through 1st graders) play at Gallery Park, located at 2001 Patriot Blvd., Glenview, IL. The youngest divisions play a portion of their games at the end of the Fall and beginning of the Spring at The Athletico Center, located at 1900 Old Willow Rd, Northbrook, IL
The U8, U9 and U10 divisions (second through fourth graders) play Flick Park, located at 3600 Glenview Rd., Glenview, IL
The U12 division (fifth and sixth graders) play at Attea Middle School, located at 2500 Chestnut Ave., Glenview, IL
The U14 and older divisions play their Home games at Attea Middle School and travel to other fields in the area for their away games.

Picture Day

Individual and Team Photographs are taken in the Fall and Spring at the Northshore Sports Center

A few rules for the fields...

  1. Glenview Park District Ordinance No. 99-28 allows leashed dogs to be walked on paved pathways and parking lots, but dogs are NOT ALLOWED on or near the sports fields. Glenview AYSO supports this policy as not all children are comfortable around dogs. Some are frightened, even by the tiny ones held in your arms.
  2. Alcoholic beverages and cigarettes do not belong on the fields. We forbid our coaches and referees to use either in the presence of the players, and respectfully request that parents and spectators refrain also.
  3. We ask everyone to please clean up belongings and debris after games. We share these fields and parks with the entire Glenview community, and we need to be good neighbors.

Field Setup

We look to parents to help prepare the field for game days. Goals and Flags are stored in equipment sheds located at each park.
U6, U7, U8 SETUP: Set up goals and flags prior to the 1st game each day.
RETURN: Return equipment after the last game of each day.
U9, U10 SETUP: Setup equipment prior to the 1st game of the day
RETURN: Push goals together. Return flags to equipment shed.
U12 SETUP: Place flags into position prior to the 1st game of the day
U14 SETUP: Place flags into position

Equipment Locations

  • Field Markers, Flags and U6 and U7 Goals are stored in the equipment shed at Gallery, attached on the West side of the shelter and bathroom building.
  • Field Markers, Flags and U8 Goals are stored in the equipment shed at Flick, attached on the North side of the shelter and bathroom building.
  • U9 and U10 Goals are stored on the Flick fields, pushed together and locked.
  • Field Markers and Flags are stored in a rust-colored metal equipment box at the North end of the Attea fields 
  • U12 and U14 Goals are stored on the Attea fields. They are moved by Park District personnel.