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Playground Division

Glenview AYSO's soccer program for 3 year olds

The Playground Soccer program introduces 3 year olds to soccer in a fun, pressure-free environment. Playground Soccer uses group activities, soccer themes, and parent participation to develop the fundamental motor skills that prepare kids for all sports. Players participate on a weekly basis with their parent (or other adult) working with them on the field.

There’s nothing that matches the joy of seeing a group of toddlers enjoying the experience in a soccer-themed environment.


What is the Playground program?
Our AYSO Playground program is specially designed for 3 year old players and delivered by the trained professionals of P2.Soccer.
This is NOT a mini World Cup experience. There is no competition and don’t expect 60 minutes of soccer games. The program uses soccer as the "teaching thread" to develop fundamental motor skills such as balance, running, jumping and throwing for 3 year olds. This is the foundation of sports success and an active lifestyle. Let your little one learn the beautiful game the right way!

My daughter just turned 4. What's the difference between Playground & U5?
Playground soccer is delivered as small group, fun activities that are soccer related. They'll be using their bodies (twisting jumping catching kicking etc) in ways that will ultimately make them stronger players. Playground includes a game at the end of each session to introduce the kids to the guidelines of playing an actual soccer match. It is designed to keep the kids engaged, active and let them know that soccer is FUN!
The U5 program is comprised of larger groups that do some soccer-specific skill building. It also includes a casual scrimmage at the end and has its focus on FUN!
What you choose ultimately depends on your daughter's needs or interests at this time. Both programs will prepare her to play.

Do I need to be present and participate?
The sessions are built around a fun, parent-participatory atmosphere.  Everyone is encouraged to be on the field, but you can certainly be a sideline spectator if you're, say, toting along a baby brother or sister.
The one requirement is that an adult needs to be present throughout the session, most importantly in case of bathroom needs.

What gear do we need?
Bring a size 3 ball and water.
Cleats help kids to run on the soft fields, but your child will be fine wearing sneakers. If you have them, wear shinguards to protect little legs from bumps and bruises as kids learn how to kick the ball.

What should my child wear?
All participants receive a Playground jersey at their first session. Be sure and always check the weather beforehand and dress appropriately. The open fields at Gallery Park can become colder and windier than you'd expect.

When and where is the program held?
Sessions are conducted at Gallery Park (corner of Patriot Blvd & West Lake Ave).

What are the player fees, and where do I register?
See our Fees, Scholarships & Refund page for the program costs.
Connect to our inLeague Registration system to create your account, player profile and register for the upcoming season.

Still have more questions?
Contact our Playground Coordinator at [email protected] for more information.