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Apr, 2022


Several years ago Glenview AYSO and Winnetka - Glencoe AYSO created their own club soccer teams known as Glenbrook Strikers and 425 Elite. After the last two years of working together on small training projects the two clubs have merged to form ELITE STRIKERS FC.

The club was established to provide a high level of coaching while maintaining the values of our core program of AYSO.  In particular the values of Player Development and Positive Coaching will always lead the program above any desire to win at all costs. Elite Strikers will provide programs from U11 through High School and will work together with both regions' EXTRA programs to provide a tremendous player development pathway in Glenview, Northbrook, and Winnetka-Glencoe. It is important to note that the recreational (Core) program that has attracted many to AYSO in the first place will continue to operate independently for both regions. Those that continue to play just in the Core or EXTRA program will see no impact by the merger.

This merger will provide great opportunities for players to play club at additional ages as well as train with age-appropriate teammates. Additionally all teams will have more training opportunities to enhance individual skill, train as a goalkeeper, and develop their game-play understanding. The club has also invested in Veo technology to provide game film and individual development of all club players.

Tryouts are fast approaching and are coaches are working on putting together a great tryout month in May. Registration for tryouts is now open at

Boys tryouts will take place on May 2nd and 4th

Girls tryouts will be later in the month on May 22nd and 23rd

All tryouts will be held at Fox Meadow at the corner of Willow Rd and Waukegan Rd. More information on the tryouts, our club and our coaches can be found on the attached flyer and at at

If additional questions arise please contact [email protected]. An informational session will be hosted via zoom just prior to the start of the tryout weeks.