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Mar, 2022

Update: Fields Unplayable April 2 and April 3

Unfortunately, the Glenview Park District's turf expert has deemed the soccer fields not fit for use and we are not able to start games this weekend as planned.

There will be no clinics, Playground or Core games this weekend. Please avoid using Flick, Attea and Gallery Park soccer fields.

The games scheduled for April 2/3 will be moved to June 11/12. Our most recent information from the Glenview Park District today is that fields should be open April 9th. We will update you as we receive more/different information.

COACHES: If you are practicing with your team prior to April 9th, please avoid the Flick, Gallery and Attea fields and chose a school or park area without soccer fields. It is in our best interest to preserve the investment of our nice turf fields so that can last the entirety of the season.

EXTRA TEAMS: If you have a home EXTRA game, we are working on moving these to away locations. Please be patient as we sort out this last minute change. EXTRA away games will go on as planned this weekend.

We are sorry about the change and we look forward to getting games underway April 9th and 10th.