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Glenview AYSO Dangerous Weather Policy

Soccer is an outdoor sport.  Our policy in general is to play through light rain, wind, and snow flurries, however game time decisions will be made at the discretion of referees and coaches per the following guidelines.  Note the same discretion should be used by coaches during practice sessions.

  1. The referee shall suspend play if the referee sees lightning or hears thunder. The referee may act on information from assistant referees, coaches, or others who he has asked to monitor weather conditions.
  2. The referee shall suspend play if they hear one long blast from the Thor-Guard* system.
  3. The referee shall suspend play if the field conditions become hazardous for the players.
  4. Play will not resume until the all of the following conditions are met:
    1. The Thor-Guard system, if it was activated during the suspension, has indicated an all clear with three short blasts, OR, thirty minutes have past since the last time lightning was sighted or thunder heard, if the Thor-Guard system did not operate. 
    2. The referee feels that the weather and field conditions are safe to continue play.

The Thor-Guard System

Since April 2012, the Thor-Guard Lightning Prediction systems are operational at the Flick Park south pavilion, by Attea Middle School (in the bushes north of the U-12 fields), and at the Gallery Park (in the bushes north of the pavilion).  
The  system predicts when conditions indicate the potential for a lightning strike. It will give a warning eight to 20 minutes in advance of a potential strike, so that everyone can take shelter. When it senses the potential for a lightning strike THOR-GUARD will sound a 15 second siren and the strobe light on top of the unit will go on. The strobe light stays on as long as there is danger of a potential strike.

When the THOR-GUARD sounds the warning siren and the strobe light is on:

  1. All activities must be immediately stopped.
  2. Park patrons seek should seek shelter in their cars (with the windows rolled up) or in a building. Patrons should avoid areas that are higher than the surrounding landscape; they should not use a tree for shelter, and should keep away from metal objects such as bicycles, golf clubs, fences, umbrellas, etc.
  3. Even if the weather does not appear to be threatening, everyone should seek shelter. People have been struck by a bolt out of the blue. A bolt out of the blue is one that strikes when the sky is clear.

When the potential for lightning has passed THOR-GUARD sounds three (3) blasts of the siren and the strobe light turns off. This may be as soon as 10 minutes after the initial alert.


The THOR-GUARD System helps to assess the conditions. Neither the signal nor the system is intended to guarantee that conditions are safe. If the weather is threatening and no warning signal is heard or seen, use good judgment and take shelter. Do not wait for the warning signal to activate, as the system can malfunction.

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