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Player Registration - When

Fall and Spring Season Registration

The Glenview AYSO's program includes both the Fall and Spring season. Registration is open from May until mid-July for players to be placed on teams

After mid-July, player-applicants will be placed on a waitlist. Players on the waitlist will placed on a team on a first come/first served basis to fill open slots that may occur, thus they may not be placed on a team comprised of players from their neighborhood, geographic area, or school.

Team Formation for the Fall
Teams are formed in early August for the Fall.  The team roster typically remains unchanged from the Fall to the Spring.
How are teams formed?
At the U6, U7 and U8 levels, we attempt to form teams based on location while maintaining a balance of skills.
At the U9 and higher levels, teams are formed strictly around player ratings. 

I (Want/Need) to Play With...
We wish we could accommodate all of your requests to be with your friends/neighbors, etc. We, too, have busy lives and understand the importance of car-pooling. But with the number of players, teams, etc. we support in this program, it's just not possible to handle these requests. Besides, it's great for the players to get out and make new friends each season. AYSO also firmly believes in fair, balanced teams. We have found that teams with multiple players who know each other or who have played together before can have an unfair advantage and dominate a division. The only exception to this guideline is that siblings in the same age group will be placed on the same team, unless their parents request that we separate them. No other requests to play together, or requests to play with a certain coach, will be considered

When will I hear Something for the Fall?
We are busy in the latter part of the summer organizing the teams, assigning coaches, ordering uniforms, preparing game schedules, etc. We hold a packet distribution session for the team parents in the middle of August. At that time the team parents are given the names and phone numbers of each player on their team, and the Team Parent has the responsibility to call each of their player's families as soon as possible.

As much as we'd like to give you information sooner, we just can't. With 1300 players per year , we cannot contact each individual. So we ask you to be patient and wait for the team parents' call. 

Spring Season Registration

The standard  registration fee includes both Fall and Spring season.  We realize, though, that there are many conflicting interests and many kids drop from soccer after the winter.  We fill the empty roster slots with Spring-only applicants on a first come/first served basis.    
Registration for the Spring is open from January to April.  Team placements are not guaranteed.  We cannot predict the number of open spots in any of the division, and often cannot place players until just before the beginning of the season, as we don't always receive notification that a players has dropped.

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