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Whem asked by eAYSO for a Region Number, please enter 362
Location Codes
(for Kindergarten/U6-2nd Grade/U8):
1 - Willowbrook / Winkelman
2 - Westbrook
3 - Lyon (north of Lake Ave.)
4 - Henking
5 - Hoffman
6 - Lyon (south of Lake Ave.)
OLPH/St. Catherine players are placed according to location and are typically placed with at least one other player from OLPH
Our main program includes both a fall and a spring season, with players remaining on the same team with the same coach for both seasons.
Divisions U6 through U14 typically play nine games in the fall and nine games in the spring, but there may be more or fewer games depending on holidays. U5 typically ends one-two weeks earlier in the fall and starts one-two weeks later in the spring. U8 & older teams usually practice one evening per week during the season, U5 teams have a Saturday-only session of combined skills training and games. U6 have 1/2 hour practice and 1/2 game (Girls Saturday, Boys Sunday)

Uniforms are provided. 


When you register your child on eAYSO, please also sign up to VOLUNTEER

What are volunteers?

People who give freely of their time and talent to a worthwhile group or cause. A volunteer is someone who believes that people make a difference and is willing to prove it. Our organization is made up completely of VOLUNTEERS!!!

What is an AYSO volunteer?

A coach, a referee, a team parent, a registrar, a fundraiser, a field marker, a publicist, a treasurer - many people, all contributing their time and efforts to make AYSO a great program for our soccer-playing kids. Our organization is made up completely of VOLUNTEERS!!!

Why does AYSO need volunteers?

AYSO needs volunteers because people power runs AYSO. Volunteers strengthen AYSO by giving their time and energy, their ideas and ideals. Volunteers make AYSO happen. Our organization is made up completely of VOLUNTEERS!!!

Who can be an AYSO volunteer?

Almost anyone can volunteer. Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, grandparents, even friends. We need women and men, young, middle-aged and "young at heart" folks. AYSO wants volunteers who want to help make our soccer program a fun experience for kids. Our organization is made up completely of VOLUNTEERS!!!

Everyone plays in AYSO, and everyone has something special to contribute to the program.

  • They contribute a special skill or ability.
  • They contribute their time.
  • They contribute their energy.
  • They contribute themselves.

What do AYSO volunteers do?

  • They do what is needed to make the program work.
  • They coach teams
  • They referee games and write checks.
  • They put up goals and take down nets.
  • They take registrations and raise funds.
  • They bandage knees and schedule games.
  • They buy equipment and go to meetings.
  • They call meetings and run computer programs.
  • They make decisions and make a difference.

How do AYSO volunteers help themselves?

AYSO volunteers gain satisfaction and growth from their experiences. They make new friends. They learn new skills. They develop creativity. They investigate new careers. They enrich their lives. Our organization is made up completely of VOLUNTEERS!!!

AYSO Region 362 - P.O. Box 772 - Glenview, Illinois (847)729-AYSO