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If you want to print out a Month tab view of Google calendar you'll find that the events headers don't word wrap. While this may be changed in future releases, there is a work around.
  1. You need to create an embedded version of the calendar(s) you want to print off and publish it on a blog or web page.So your calendar has to be public . This hack won't work otherwise.
  2. If you are using Firefox Web Browser. install the Add on Better GCal. Once installed, restart Firefox and go to Better GCal Options and tick Text wrap events. Voila: instant word wrap.Nonetheless, all day events won't be wrapped but if you want that to also occur simply enter some time duration for each all day event.
  3. Now that you can view the calendar online with text wrapping in place, you'll need to circumvent the Google Print option and create your own image of the calendar for printing.
  4. One way you can do this is to use your computer's "Print Screen" option (which should be a key available on your keyboard.) Click PrintScreen and open an editor like Paint -- available on your computer -- and click on Paste to paste the image into the Paint edit window.If you like you can trim the image.
  5. However you will get a more useful image, trimmed to your requirements, if you use Firefox extension like Fireshot . Install the Fireshot extension/add on and "capture" an image of your calendar. Select the Fireshot option Capture visible area and Save or Open in external editor. You will then be delivered a printable image of your Goggle Calendar with word wrap. Rather than having to edit the image, you can enlarge your online Goggle Calendar by using your Browser's Zoom option to enlarge the View. But you can also edit the image to suit
  6. If you want to create an image covering two months, the best course is to embed two calendars one below the other and advance the second to the next month view. Then take a Fireshot image of the page and edit it. Your edit options can be Fireshot or free image editors such as Picnik (online) or the excellent Photofiltre (free download) . You should enlarge the image toa width of around 1200 pixels for printing on an A4 page.



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