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Glenview AYSO Region 362

Glenview AYSO Region 362

If you're having problems with eAYSO....

Some tips and tricks for working through issues at

Getting Connected

 I’ve forgotten my password On the login page, click on the Forgot Password link.  Provide the name, home phone number and secret question associated with your personal eAYSO record. 
 I’ve forgotten my Login E-mail  On the login page, click on the Forgot Login E-maillink.  Provide the name, home phone number and secret question associated with your eAYSO record.
 I’m stuck.  Who provides tech support for the eAYSO site?  Open a support ticket with eAYSO Help Desk by sending an email to  
The Help Desk is managed at the AYSO National level.   They're typically very responsive
Provide as much information as possible, including your name, your player’s name, that you’re a new or returning Volunteer, your AYSO Volunteer ID.

Registering your Player

 I can log into eAYSO but I can’t register             
my kids. They don’t show up as returning

Player registration is now fully supported on our InLeague Player Registration system.   Click here to connect.


 Where can I retrieve my AYSO ID/Volunteer ID?
Location 1: Log into  The ID number is located on your home screen.
Location 2: Log into  Click on the VIEW CERTIFICATIONS link.  In the table on the next page, click the link under CERTIFICATIONS.  Your ID number will be located in the top right of the next page. 
 AYSO ID, Volunteer ID,  Login ID, User ID.  What’s the difference?  You create your Login ID when establishing an account on eAYSO.  It’s your user ID for logging into the site.  Typically it’s an email address.  A User ID is another way to refer to your Login ID.
Once your eAYSO account is created, the site issues you an AYSO ID. It’s an 8 digit number assigned to your record.
If you register as a Volunteer, your AYSO ID becomes your Volunteer ID.  That’s how AYSO tracks your certifications and how the league assigns you to coach a team.
 I’ve coached before, but the option to Apply as a Returning Volunteer is “greyed out”  This typically happens when you’ve created multiple Login ID’s.  Maybe you’d created an account last year, then forgot the information, so you created a new one this year.
Send an email to and request the Help Desk merge your multiple Login ID’s or AYSO ID’s  Be sure and include your Login E-mail(s) and your AYSO ID.




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